The Oslog Software

Salient Features

In compliance with the guidelines laid down by the ICH/FDA, Osworld proudly presents the 21 CFR Part 11 Oslog Software developed exclusively for Osworld by M/s Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., one of India’s most reputed and trusted brands. A number of features in this software necessitate it as a “must-have” accessory with the Osworld range of products.

About “Oslog”

“Oslog” is a user-friendly data-storage software with a Data Storage Device – “Oslog-DSD” (patent applied/ pending). The Oslog DSD enables a connection between your PC and the Osworld equipment (Stability Chamber, BOD Incubator, Autoclave, etc.) and is capable of working in both offline and online modes.
OFFLINE MODE – In this mode, the Data Storage Device stores data up to 10000 readings in FIFO mode (First in First Out) and on a USB Pen Drive if connected, which can be later connected to a PC. This Pen Drive can then be connected anytime from which data can then be downloaded which in turn can be transferred with the aid of the Oslog Software
ONLINE MODE – In this mode, the software can directly store data into the database file in the hard drive of the PC or can be downloaded on to the PC as and when required.



Features of the Oslog Software (Version 2.4.2)

• 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software
• Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT), Audit Trail, Graphs, Tabular    reports
• Multiple user passwords provided
• User-friendly
• Minimum, Maximum & Average value at the end of each report,    Separate alarm report
• Print/ Scan frequency programmable (1 to 240 mins).
   Internal software logging every 1.5 seconds
• Data acquisition, monitor & control (for PLC based)
• Password protection (Min 3 levels)
• Automatic acknowledgement within specified time with an alarm    log provided readings are logged for that particular alarm
• Door opening/ closing log (Magnetic log with passwords)
• Numeric as well as graphical report (common/ individual)
• Roles & privileges for user, operator and administrator
• Electronic signature
• Scanner graph
• Current reading configurable (single/ multiple) by user
• Channel-wise scanner alarm report
• Print frequency programmable through software
• Page length programmable
• Controller setting programmable
• Alarm logging with times (Actual high/ low readings)

A few features of the software are elaborated below

1. MKT Report – Calculation of Mean Kinetic Temperature

The MKT Report gives you a representation of the effects that temperature fluctuations can have on materials such as pharmaceuticals and food products. With the help of the Oslog software, the MKT can be calculated for any number of days.


2. Audit Trail Report

The Audit Trail Report enables you to maintain a record of the date, time and a reason for which a particular reading was modified or entered into the system


3. GSM/ Mobile Alarm Settings

The GSM Feature in the Oslog software, once configured, enables you to receive an alert on your mobile/ multiple mobiles in case of certain changes within your chamber such as a temperature rise, failure of your equipment, etc.


4. Graphical Reports

Data from your equipment can also be recorded and viewed for any number of days in the form of graphical reports if required.

Graphical Report

5. Multi-level Passwords

To restrict access of the complete software to certain users, access rights can be defined in the system depending on the user type. By default, we provide 3 user types along with the software – Administrator, Super user and Guest, each of which have a configuration for different user access rights.