BOD Incubator


Osworld BOD Incubators are designed primarily to meet the requirements for tests of Biological Oxygen Demand/Biochemical Oxygen Demand and equipped for controlled incubation and storage of sensitive samples/cultures, micro organism cultures, vaccines etc. These Incubators are designed to meet the testing challenges of the competitive pharmaceutical research field and enhance the scientific efforts of educational institutions and organizations.

Image of BOD Incubator • Temperature Control: Microprocessor based with PID Control
• Temperature Sensor: Class "A”, PT 100 RTD
• Temperature Display: Digital LED, 3½ digits
• Heating: U-shaped Nichrome Wire heater.
• Cooling: CFC Free Copeland Make compressor R134 A eco-friendly refrigerant.
• Air Circulation: Flange motor with Blower and Impeller
• Chamber Illumination: Door switch with Fluorescent light
• Feet: Castor Wheels
• Trays: SS Wire Mesh
• Construction: Double-walled with Poly Urethene (PUF) insulation provided with outer stainless
   steel metal door and inner glass viewing door


Temperature Range 5°C above Ambient to 60°C
Temperature Resolution +0.1°C +0.1°C +0.1°C +0.1°C +0.1°C +0.1°C +0.1°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.2°C ±0.2°C ±0.2°C ±0.2°C ±0.2°C ±0.2°C ±0.2°C
Temperature Uniformity ±1°C ±1°C ±1°C ±1°C ±1°C ±1°C ±0.7°C
Internal Size
(W x D x H) cm
45 x 45 x 60 60 x 60 x 60 60 x 60 x 90 60 x 60 x125 60 x 80 x 125 80 x 80 x 125 80 x 80 x 155
External Size
(W x D x H) cm
65 x 114 x 130 79 x 121 x 130 79 x 121 x 165 79 x 121 x 199 76 x 141 x 199 96 x 141 x 199 96 x 141 x 225
Capacity (Litres) 120 200 324 450 600 800 1000
Shelves (S.S.) 2 2 3 4 5 5 5
Shipping Weight - kg (lb) 200 (440) 240 (528) 250 (550) 265 (583) 295 (629) 325 (715) 375 (825)
Input Voltage 230 Volts AC, 50 Hz
Material Inner Chamber: SS 304 Grade/ Mirror finish
  Outer Chamber: Mild Steel Powder Coated/ SS 304 Grade


Pre-Installation Mandatory Requirement

1. Room Temperature all around machine should be air conditioned and maintained within 25c. In the absence of adequate air conditioning the room can be well ventilated with an exhaust fan. In such case temperature should not exceed 30°C.
2. Stabilized Input Voltage of 230V AC, 20 Amps. Using a new Servo Controlled Stabilizer is recommended.

Calibration / Validation

i) Calibration
• Calibrated temperature sensor probe with traceability to ERTL
• Calibrated temperature Controller probe with traceability to ERTL

ii) Validation
• QQ, IQ and PQ documentation and protocols shall be delivered with equipment.
•Documentation developed and prepared for Osworld by the Premier Validation Ltd. - Ireland.
• Performance Qualification with Temperature Mapping on site. The Performance Validation Test contains of one cycle at any one temperature point for an 8 hour period. Data is collected in the printed format from up to 6 different points within the chamber. Temperature consistency is measured acceptable if the deviation is less than ±1°C of set temperature.

Optional Extras/Accessories

•Both Oslog Data Storage Device and Oslog 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Software have been developed exclusively for Osworld by M/s Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.
• Additional high temperature security system to cut-off all heaters with audio visual alarm.
• PLC based system: - PLC with HMI 3.7” touch screen grey monitor along with 21 CFR Part 11 features (OSLOG) software.
• Secured access to door, password protected
• Servo controlled voltage stabilizer
• GSM based system: Alarms sent to predefined mobile number
• HMI: 5.7" touch screen grey in lieu of 3.7"
• Controller along with printer interface to connect to EPSON Dot Matrix line printer. Temperature, date and time can be printed whereas print interval can be set between 1 to 99 minutes.
• Data Logger: 4 point temperature. Data logger with the sensors placed at particular points in chamber with printer interface and memory.



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